The Power of Perspective: How It Makes – or Breaks Your Business

It’s a new year. A time for reflection, introspection and setting goals to make the next 365 days your best yet!

But before you can do that, it is important to take stock of where you are now. Which brings us to perspective – or how we see ourselves and our business in relation to others. Perspective is everything – if we believe things are going well, they will be; but if we believe things are bad, then they will be too! As any entrepreneur knows, maintaining perspective can be difficult but is absolutely necessary for success.

Often success or failure in business is all about perspective. Short-term failures can be hidden long-term successes, while quick wins can sometimes lead to future losses.

If you’re looking to improve your business in 2022, then the first step is having a clear idea of what success means for you. Do not just look at one aspect though – be holistic and consider every element before making big decisions.

It’s also important to maintain perspective when things go wrong or get tough. If we become too fixated on our problems, then they can seem insurmountable.

But if we look at them in the right way and maintain perspective, this allows us to see things more clearly and formulate a plan of action accordingly. And it’s important not to be too hard on yourself – remember that everyone makes mistakes!

The Secret to Maintaining Perspective

Perspective can turn a seemingly obvious failure into a glowing success.

But it can do the opposite as well. A good friend of mine recently shared something rather ironic with me. She has celebrated 2021 with a number of new clients – all from the same industry, doing just about the same thing. Towards the end of the year, she was horrified to find out that these clients were actually the cause of her business running a loss for the quarter. Her seemingly celebratory event almost caused the downfall of her business.

Obviously, perspective is crucial to the success of your business.

Not only do you need to be able to assess the current state of things but also how they might grow and develop over time.

Maintaining perspective is even more important in times of success, because it allows us not to get too carried away with one win – for this can often lead people into a false sense of security that they are invincible.

One of the most important things to remember is that no two businesses are exactly alike – they can be similar, for sure, but there will always be some key differences that make them unique. So treat every situation with a different perspective. This helps you see how these small changes might affect your business in future and enables you to act accordingly.

Tips on Maintaining Perspective for Your Business in 2022

To maintain perspective, you need to know where you are now and what the future could hold if certain actions aren’t taken. That means taking time out of your busy schedule (and inbox) to really think about how things might unfold over a set period of time.

  • Look at the stats – but don’t be consumed by them.

You may have just received a less than desirable review – it’s okay, it happens to the best of us. Instead of burying your head in the sand, look at it this way. 1 customer was left unsatisfied, what does that say for the 100’s of others that sing your praises? Don’t let one bad apple ruin the bunch.

  • Remind yourself of what’s going well – and focus on that.

We’re only human, and that means that we tend to sweat the small stuff. It’s normal! But since we’re in a new year – why not try to shift the focus to what’s actually going well. Celebrate the small victories, they add up!

·        See every setback as an opportunity to learn.

Trust me, I know how it sounds. But – give it a try. If something just isn’t going your way, ask yourself what this challenge is trying to teach you. Before you know it, your coping toolbox has a shiny new screwdriver.

·        Think rationally.

It is simply too easy to consider the worst-case scenario, but in reality – will that happen? Sure, sometimes it might just end in flames, but chances are – you’re just overthinking it. Take a step back, and try to look at your situation with objective eyes.

·        Focus on the bigger picture.

Remember why you started. Stay true to your goals! You’re in this entrepreneurial world for a reason, everything you do, each task, should be in service of your end goal. If it isn’t adding value to your long-term goal, then what is its purpose?

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself; we all make mistakes and that’s okay – it means you’re human! Even the most successful people in history have had their fair share of disasters and failures before eventually finding success.

It might seem like a cliché but constantly seek to improve your knowledge by reading books or attending seminars. It’s important to be constantly learning and growing as a business owner.

Finally, don’t forget that perspective is everything – remember this when making big decisions about your company in 2022!

If you’re up for something new, and you’re really ready to make the most out of your business – then give me a call! Let’s maintain perspective together, one challenge at a time!

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