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“Sometimes it’s worth risking
it all for a dream only you can see.”

Daphne Thomson

When you’ve reached your mark, but can’t seem to stay there, I show you how to stay at the top!

If you find yourself hitting a brick wall constantly,

Who I work with

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a market leader that would like to make the most out of their business, then this is for you! 

Through a phased approach focused on fully optimizing, understanding, and troubleshooting and operational efficiencies – I assist in increasing profits, while giving you the freedom that you desire – your time back! 

Together, we are Results orientated!

Why Should You Work With Me?

As a business owner, you’ll know first hand that there are a multitude of strategies that claim success – you might have tried a few, but have they ever worked?

Sure – they might prove profitable in the short term, but let’s be honest – that isn’t what you’re after!

Simplification is Crucial – Collaboration is Key

Working with me gives you access to expert advice, tailored to your business! Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur – you can, and will benefit from what I have to offer.

  • Expand into new market territory 
  • Re-organize your business model to create a cost, and time effective strategy
  • Identify and increase business capabilities 
  • Improve the quality, profitability and the efficiency of your day to day operations
  • Get your valuable time back 

Take me through the process

Planning is one thing – but process, now this is where the gold is found!
My process is simple, customizable, and aimed at creating a sustainable profit for YOU.
I guide Industry Leaders, so that they can focus on what matters most, their bottom line.

Scale Your Business

Working with me gives you access to expert advice, tailored to your business! Whether you’re a property fund owner, a leader in the property management or construction industry, or you’re an entrepreneur within the service industry – you can, and will benefit from what I have to offer.

Scaling a business has never been an easy task. Many organizations had to learn through tough lessons, nonetheless, their experience and wisdom allow us today to execute scalability techniques and expand our entrepreneurial horizons with minimum effort in today’s digital landscape. Effectively scaling a business is dependent on two factors, capacity, and capability. Ask yourself: is your business capable enough to grow? Does it have the capacity to accommodate growth? What if a mere confusion becomes the reason for your business to stumble? Orders falling, miscommunication, insufficient staff, these reasons will leave you with nothing but unhappy customers.

I help you answer these questions, and I give you an actionable strategy that ensures the long term, sustainable scalability of your business!

Optimize Your Business

As an Industry Leader, you’re no stranger to the dire need for a fully optimized business, this is truly the only way that your business will achieve success.

Because there are so many options to optimize your business, I take a customized approach, and make recommendations based on you, your business, and your desired outcome and timeline.

Every Business is similar, the value is where the difference is. I take a personalized approach, and make recommendations based on you, your business, and your desired outcome and timeline. What would work for your business and your lifestyle is not necessarily what would be best for another.

Through a combination of devised strategy, actionable items, identification of waste, and output management, I guide you step by step through a path that gears your business to our pre-agreed outcomes.

How To 8X Your Profit In 12 Months

Yes, you read that right – only 12 months!

As an Industry Leader, Business Owner, CEO, or anyone who is steering the ship, you’re well aware of the importance of reaching, and sustaining a profitable business.

I am here to show you how you can not only increase, but 8x your business profit in as little as 12 months. You can download my free Ebook, “How To 8X Your Profit In 12 Months”, here!

Lets Expand, Together

Sometimes it’s worth risking it all for a dream that only you can see

Ready to start your growth journey?

I’m All About The Results
You should be too

Here’s what you can expect from me

Business Consulting

Business consulting is such a vague term… It’s often misused, and backed up by baseless claims to fame! This doesn’t mean that a business consultant can’t add an immense amount of value to your business, as long as you’re hiring the right one. Often, companies avoid hiring a business consultant because they aren’t sure when they need one or are unclear about how to measure the ROI of a consultant. Choosing me as your Business Consultant gives you the opportunity to truly optimize, scale, and expand your business – all while finding you Unique Selling Proposition.

I help you stand out from the crowd

When you’ve reached your mark, but can’t seem to stay there – I am here to guide you through the process of successful business optimization.

Invest in the future of your business!

Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO is a process of outsourcing an expert marketing strategist – it is how you ATTRACT and CONVERT qualified prospects.

This is where I come in! With decades of Industry experience, I know exactly what it takes to design, and implement a marketing strategy that CONVERTS.

With the entire world operating online, more and more businesses are realizing the value of Digital Marketing, and why they need to optimize their Digital Assets and strategy!

Through this strategy, I show you how to Capitalize on, and Optimize your existing Digital Assets so that you see the ROI that you deserve.

Do I need Fractional CMO?

You’re in the right place if…

Speaking Events

Sometimes we all need a kick up the behind…

Why would you need this?

Businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of people who can contribute individual ideas. Teamwork helps solve problems. Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems.

What I Cover

I show you how to create a well-oiled team that brings RESULTS.

I offer this service both online and in person!

Latest News

Sustainable Marketing

The hope for any marketing campaign is to create sustainability and to produce profitability, Right? We want to turn strangers

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Meet The Founder

Well, who is Daphne Thomson?

Daphne Thomson is a highly successful Entrepreneur and Business Owner with multiple figure businesses internationally.

After years working for Agencies, performing for someone else’s bottom line, and still watching them struggle in spite of a collection of strategies and plans, Daphne decided that it was time to take this knowledge to a new level, to really get results, and to completely revolutionize the way that Marketing is perceived.

In 2014, Daphne created an Agency that she would want to hire, that she would trust to get our results!

After starting her agency in South Africa, and quickly turning it into a flourishing 6-Figure business, Daphne decided it was time for a change! She spent a year in Japan, focusing on personal and professional growth, all while planning her next move.

With a strong desire to create wealth for market leaders, coupled with an indisputable talent for business development, Daphne made another move to Texas, in 2021 and later to Canada.

Enter, Daphne Thomson Consulting and Fractional CMO

As a business consultant, Daphne strives to identify challenges that her clients’ businesses face, while devising a strategy and an action plan to fully optimize their business!

Daphne is here to give SIGHT to your VISION, to create wealth for you, so that you can impact your community!


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